24 January 2005


Yes well, it's been a bit of an enforced absence. Things went crazy all of a sudden. I had to move suddenly, and am now living in a small room in a boarding house type thing on The Terrace. I've gradually got myself sorted out. I've got my painting area sussed and should finish the first Skeleton Guy painted there this arvo (just the colour to do). I don't have the phone on yet and so don't have access to the Internet - hence the absence. I'm typing this up at Rose's new place. I'm going to wait until I know what's happening with my job before deciding whether or not I'll get the phone on. With any luck, I'll know what the story is at work within the next couple of weeks or so. It's been a bit of a saga.

If you've tried to send me an email in the last three weeks or so, I won't have got it. I'm hoping to be able to check them this week, but we'll see. There are logistical problems.

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