19 March 2006

More drawings

I've been shuffling things around on the old website, and have included a couple more drawings.


joseluis said...

david, i invite you to see THE Z FILES, in my blog. they are the end of sth but l can not say of what..

good watercolors..

David said...

Hi JL, you do not need to say of what. That's what critics and art historians are for. All we need to do is produce the stuff for them to base their parasitic careers on (ha, ha).

paintergirl said...

I don't think I've seen the WS Boroughs one. (At least that's who it looks like to me, and I am insane)

Critics-good for nothing, don't get me going. Critics are just failures at the art they critique. Am I wrong?

David said...

Hey PG, you are completely correct - it is indeed Billy Burroughs.

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