07 March 2001

Some old drawings

Ripping off Leonardo da Vinci:

Ripping off Piero della Francesca:

Ripping off Mark Tansey:

Ripping off Leon Battista Alberti:

Ripping off Tony Fomison ripping off Piero:

Ripping off Philip Guston:

General fist waving:

Reconstruction of Piero's Baptism:

Vive le vol!


Lilly said...

Nice work, David! :-D

Mark Tansey -- I like his work. A friend of mine did her MA thesis on some of his paintings, and she even went to New York City and interviewed him! The university paid the journey because she was researching -- super good for her :-D It was a once in a lifetime experience; meant the world to her. She is really into painting and paintings.

paintergirl said...

So glad to see more stuff- and happy that you are productive! I esp. like the Baptism drawing.

Faeropus said...

Battista is testament to the FSM legend.

Long may his noodly appendage cruise the stars and minds of mere mortals.

David said...

Cheers guys. This here is a selection from old sketchbooks in roughly chronological order from 1995/6 to about halfway through last year.

I wussed out from posting any of the pornographic ones - maybe next time.

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