18 September 2006

The weekend

Spent the weekend racing around the lower North Island and drinking too much. We went to Peter Ireland's opening at Thermostat at Friday, and then to a house warming at the Tylee Cottage on Saturday. We stayed in a totally ludicrous room.


paintergirl said...

Don't you two look so relaxed. Glad to hear you were out and about. Ireland's stuff is so brightly colored isn't it? How was the show?

David said...

The show was extremely good. Very colourful indeed. As I recall there was only one that didn't have a sticker next to it by the time we left.

Rose said...

We look quite the old married couple... Scary!

Lilly said...

This is a great photo -- you do look very relaxed and you make a beautiful couple, I think :-D

LOL @ Rose :-D

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