18 January 2007

My new pad


Lilly said...

Ow David, this place looks absolutely beautiful!! I in particular love the pink and black checks on the fire place! Nice book cases too and stuff. Really looks good, bright and healthy!

Hope you've settled in well and that things are going in the right direction :-)

David said...

Cheers! I very much like the tiles too. They also feature in the kitchen even. I am very pleased with my place. It dropped into my lap at just the right time and is perfect - opposite the Botanic Garden and a short walk from work.

Lilly said...

Brilliant to hear about the good timing -- and what a wonderful view too. Plants and stuff: they'll sooth and easy your mind, I hope. That's the effect plants and trees have on me anyway.
You'll have to show us some pictures of those tiles in the kitchen too -- I am obsessed with them! I think I've seen a pair of Vans canvas shoes like that too once.....niiiice :-)

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