16 February 2007


I haven't really done any work since Rose and I split up. I haven't been too worried about this, but I think I need to start getting back into it. I think just mucking around and drawing on a regular basis is the go, rather than trying to do finished works straight away. I've gone off the stuff I was doing at the end of last year (apart from Riot) and need to rethink some of the specifics of my approach.


paintergirl said...

I say just sketch like you said and no worries and see where that takes you. Sometimes I find just clippings of oddities here and there and keep them tucked away until I need them. Maybe for inspiration or at least to jump start me. Cheers David and have a good weekend!

David said...

It turns out I've ended up with plans for about four or five finished things. Insomnia has some benefits!

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