27 July 2007

Drella etc

I went to a four-hour doco on Andy Warhol last night. There was lots of archival footage, which was really good to see, but I particularly enjoyed all the commentators competing to see who could make the silliest claims. When I went out for a cigarette during the intermission (the only person in the entire theatre to do so, I might add), I found I had several texts from various people telling me to check out this story on Campbell Live.

I'm off to the new film by Roy Andersson tonight. His Songs from the second floor is one of my favourite films ever. It was so painterly – no camera movement, each shot a composition – and that's without mentioning the cheery subject matter. After that, I'll be off to Happy to check these guys out.

Dada siegt!

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paintergirl said...

You guys get the best stuff in such a nice concentrated form.

The Andersson movie sounds great! Refreshing.

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