29 August 2008

Response to yesterday's post

Dear David

Your comments re my work are indeed unkind.Please see attached, for
forecasts of 27 August. I claim the same recommendations of NZ Metservice, which
are for at least 24-hr error, bearing in mind my forecasts are set out 2 years
ago for my almanac books. A large geographical area such as Wellington, with
many hill microclimates, means when rain is about, some get heavy rain and some
don’t. The point is the potential, at perigee times, for wild weather over about
a week, and the region certainly received it. The attached documents are
corroborative evidence.

I commend Maddie’s exhibition in bringing awareness of a wider and older
weather science, and its potential for the pre-warning of severe events and the
subsequent saving of lives and of costs to our economy. To learn more about the
moon-method and its implications you can download my free 230-page book, link at
bottom of this post.

Kind regards

Ken Ring

I haven't included the attachments, but you can check them out on his website here.


Anonymous said...

Don't you LOVE the blogosphere?

David Cauchi said...

Yes, yes I do.

stephen said...

I fail to see how your 'comments' -- insubstantial to the point of non-existence -- could be construed in any way as unkind.

Thursday was a lovely day in the lower North Island, wasn't it :)

David Cauchi said...

My comments weren't really directed at him anyway. But I did like the response quite a lot. Very funny indeed.

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