02 December 2008

Very funny

Someone just left a comment on an old post:

Just thougth you might like to see this One Sentence story that I just
approved about your friend:

What countries have medicare cards?


Anonymous said...

Canada for one, but the US also has medicare and medicade.

Anonymous said...


I read thru "Renegade" at Dymocks rather than shell-out $55 for a book with little print. Amusing at times, poignant also (eg his description of Cobain) but ultimately embittered by bankruptcy and blinkered to the "M.E.S" sign over his head at the pub.

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, Australia makes sense.

I haven't read 'Renegade' yet. That's a treat for later.

Anonymous said...

Take a long lunch break and you can read it through. Funniest bits you would have seen in The Guardian already. Not bad, just not worth buying- much like The Fall post 'Extricate'.

Anonymous said...

there's always facebook - he's a friend of a friend on there, and i went - wow that's a name i haven't heard of for ages!!

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