31 March 2009

Elective E

Part of my course this semester is Fine Arts Elective E, also known as 'rhythmic feedback noise from electrodes', about using sampling and synthesising technologies. For the course, we've split into groups and are each doing a project involving audio and/or video. My group – Neoteric Sound Research Unit No. 0001 – is doing an audio project, culminating in both a performance and a record.

Another member of the group's keeping a blog as a kind of online workbook. On it, you can check out the recording of Saturday's practice and look at pictures of Matt's violog, among other treats.


stephen said...

Wouldn't have picked you as a Body Electric fan. Oh well. Whaddya do.

David Cauchi said...

Not me, the tutor. Not that he's a fan as such. It's just a good name for the course.

Play you some stuff next Herzog night.

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