03 April 2010


I've borrowed a computer game off Rose's son. It's called Assassin's creed II, and is set in Renaissance Italy.

I haven't got very far through it yet, but then I'm not paying much attention to the plot. It's fun just wandering around the place and climbing over famous buildings.

The plot's not without its own amusement though. It involves a fair bit of cheesy butchering of history. I've met Leonardo da Vinci – apparently at some stage you fly in his flying machine – and tried to foil the Pazzi conspiracy.

It's gloriously silly.

Speaking of cheesy silliness, we're off to watch The clash of the Titans in 3D now.


Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

i've clocked that game only recently (only game i've bought in ages). and i *did not* meet leonardo da vinci. what gives? are you making that up??

David Cauchi said...

That is very strange. I don't see how you could've failed to. It's integral to the plot.

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