08 September 2010

Best comment for a while

I'm at school in the middle of my crit right this very minute.

We're talking about this comment a lot:
No fuck you, you useless piece of shit whino art cunt. How exactly are you helping the fucking world out? By taking art at Massey? lol.
Eat shit in fire and die in a hail of frozen sewage you tiresome failbucket.

The intertemporal avant-garde is old fashioned anyway. :P


Shaun Waugh said...

Fuck you Cunt. We all work fucken hard on this course. Someone did a an 8m painting and you just submit this stupid blog. Get Fucked

David Cauchi said...

Ha ha!

It's fucking good, eh?


Anonymous said...

Like a Cambodian skyscraper built on sand, so does art subside from lofty claims to just so much stuff at eye level.
1 star.

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

"...and I thought... he seems to be missing the point really." - barry andrews. that hertzog reference in that RWP shriekback interview ;)

stephen said...

Hey Shaun Waugh, if you can't figure out that "someone" doing an 8m painting in a contemporary art programme at tertiary level should guarantee them a failing grade, you deserve to fail yourself.

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