01 June 2011

Another footnote

In the second part of [Alfred Jarry's The Supermale], the Supermale dismissed the act of love as a machinelike action which could be repeated indefinitely when fortified with 'perpetual motion food', a compound of alcohol and strychnine. An experiment was arranged to verify his claim, and while 'science' (represented by a doctor) recorded the data of the experiment the Supermale proceeded to surpass the world's record for intercourse.

Complications arose when his partner, a young American girl, fell in love with the indifferent Supermale. To stimulate a reciprocal carnal desire in the Supermale, the girl's father (determined that his daughter should have her man) appealed to an engineer to make a love-inspiring machine.

The machine was hastily constructed and strapped to the Supermale despite warnings by the engineer that it might not do what it was intended to do. 'So much the better, this will be an experience,' interrupted the girl's father, as he pressed the commentator.

In a bizarre turn of events, the love-inspiring machine fell in love with the Supermale, overheated, short-circuited, and killed him.

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