28 November 2011


Well, last week was quite full on. First there was setting up my show. The stupid pills they had me on made that a nightmare. But it got done, which it wouldn't have without some invaluable help from some solid people. I'm so happy with how the altarpiece worked out (it's a Xmas show you see). All my experiments worked! I still can't believe it.

I'm going to see the shrinks again next week. I'm off the pills now, and the lingering side-effects (absolutely horrible) are waning. I'm beginning to feel like me again, not some unrecognisable monster. I think they're going to want to try to experiment with more of their crude primitive drugs, but I'm not having any of it. No fucking way.

The end of last week was quite a blast. My opening, which started out an anxious blur but ended up quite fun, and then Prospect, which was insane. I managed to go to the loo and go outside for a cigarette. Crossing the room twice to do those things took the entire opening. I'll go see the actual show later this week. And put up the stupid marketing form I filled out, which was not-so-politely refused when offered. Who's inane idea was that anyway? Absolutely dreadful. Then to try to manage the responses. Ick.

(Speaking of, I really didn't like the efforts to manage the after-party either so got the fuck out of Dodge. Who wants to be herded like primary school children? Who thought that was a good idea?)

And losing Kate immediately after this show? Makes the show a bit of a waste of time really eh?

But anyway.

Then there was Saturday. I watched a bit of the election courage. Thank fuck for the Greens! Hopefully, they'll be able to work sensibly with the other opposition parties to provide an effective opposition. The next few years are bleak as.

I'm really worried about being able to carry on painting. I need to work out how to do that. It's not looking good.

Or I burn everything and go live in a cave as a hermit. That has a certain undeniable appeal.

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