15 December 2011

Draft MFA exegesis

I've been staying away from the computer since sending off my final draft of the MFA exegesis (your work is your thesis, you see, so what you write is an exegesis on that thesis) for comment.

It's still got to through the processes of structural editing and rewriting, copy-editing and proofreading. And I've still to do some drawings for the figures. But all the actual work's done! Woohoo!

Not had a peep out of the supervisor(s) yet. Though he did say the end of the week.

The working title is A strange book of incomprehensible nonsense: Or how I became an intertemporal avant-garde artist and went completely batshit insane.

(It has to have a colon followed by a subtitle so you know it's academic.)

It's the story of how time-travelling back to meet Piero della Francesca affected my painting.

Oh yeah, and I went to see the witchdoctor (on the same day as handing in the draft no less). I've got a diagnosis, bipolar I disorder, and they've put me on the Lithium.

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