22 February 2004

Painting badly

There's times when you're painting and you sit back and look at what you've done and think, 'Oh fuck, how am I going to salvage anything out of this?' Then you put it to one side and move on to something else (I usually have several on the go at once - at the moment I have five) and completely cock that up as well.

Well, then you get really discouraged. No doubt there's at least two schools of thought on what to do in this situation. I'm sure some people would push on through. Not me, though. I give it up as a dead loss and go and read a book or something (I usually have several books on the go at once as well). Funnily enough, when you come back after leaving it for a while, sometimes it doesn't seem to be such a cock-up after all. Of course, at other times it seems even worse and you beat another hasty retreat.

(Why am I swapping between the first and second person in such an incoherent manner? I have no idea.)

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