06 June 2004

Bilderberger frenzy

To offset the overly diaryish nature of the previous posts (since I started working full-time the old posts have got more infrequent, longer, and much more diaryish), here's the Guardian on the Bilderberg group's net presence.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm too lazy to file my name properly on this blogger. I'm Leland Roth who lives in Spring Park, Minnesota & I just want to say that isn't it grand that the elite can just do their thing at these Bilderberger conventions w/o any substantial info on their doings:>) We are so lucky to have them to guide us on our joint nebulous destiny. I mean, really, do we want all that responsibility when the Rockefellers, new VP Candidate John Edwards & so many others are doing their best to save us from our selves! Why how can I donate more to this noble cause? These people care so much about our welfare, that they fly from all over just to save us from ourselves. I mean just look at the results...hardly anybody knows about the Bilderberger's great gifts to humanity in the USA, anyway ~ such as giving us Bill Clinton & Tony Blair for future leaders before anyone else ever heard of them. What a great gift to our lives...how can we ever thanks the still unknown giants who walk among us so unknown before they decreed we needed these magnificient beings to futhers our spiritual unfoldment.
I'm aghast at any critical summary against these loving Bilderbergers who have only our spiritual & material welfare in mind...I'll be on the forefront of any movement to render their mysique obsete that these magnificient group of beings ~ who have stood thru the eternal test of time defending our liberties against tyrants of all kind. Now a prayer for those myopic detactors of the goals & good purposes of the Bilderberger.org.
May the love of God that prevade these incredible spiritual beings be remembered after their deaths as they spend lifetimes, like I have for I was once one them in a past life, working off their karma until fully paid for messing our world up even more for their own pleasures & drugs! amen! Lee Roth

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