01 June 2004

Here we go again

This freelance job arrives tomorrow, just in time for Queen's Birthday (cheers Liz). It's a collection of academic essays on a particular piece of legislation. I can't wait. I'm planning to head up to Palmy on Friday for Simon's birthday (and to pick up my work), so expect I won't be making a good start on it till Sunday. It'll be a rerun of the last few weekends I imagine.

Last weekend was pretty much a dead loss for painting (except for Sunday arvo/evening). We had end of the month drinks at work, starting at half four, where I downed a few wines in quick succession (it'd been a reasonably long week). I then met the Matts and co at Thistle Hall, where Cortina were playing at a private function for some short film (which I hated, though they did have a seemingly endless keg and piles of Hell pizza to make up for it). Cortina rocked, then we headed down to Happy to see New Zealand, again featuring the inimitable Bek Coogan. After that, it gets hazy. I can vaguely recollect Motel, Matt Hunt, Tequila Sunrises, and White Russians, all jumbled up, and then staggering home at about five in the morning.

That was it for the rest of the weekend - wiped out. I've got all these bits of wood I scavenged, so I might try and gesso them up before the weekend, get them underway anyway.

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