18 July 2004

Two more down

Yesterday was Aaltra and The Saddest Music in the World - two very different films that were both in black and white (mostly) and featured people with problems with their legs. They were also bloody funny.

The Saddest Music in the World had these crazy sets (very Cabinet of Doctor Caligari) and the craziest film effects you're likely to see in one place at one time for a while - not to mention some bloody good lines ('Siam - famous for its dignity, cats, and twins') and Isabella Rosselini's beer-filled glass legs.

Aaltra is possibly my favourite so far (though it's early days yet of course). It's a Belgian wheelchair road movie. It had some great lines in it as well, and a brilliant karaoke scene in a Finnish biker bar. The best bit was possibly when the two guys were trying to get some dosh - on one side of the street one of them braked his wheelchair in front of someone's bike and wouldn't move until the guy gave him 50 euros, while on the other the other guy asked people for some information and, when they came within reach, grabbed them, wrestled them to the ground out of his wheelchair, and demanded money while hectoring them.

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