28 July 2004

Films, films, films

Only one's been a dud so far. Friday was Any Way the Wind Blows - which I really enjoyed but only remember snippets of (too many beers beforehand). Bukowski: Born Into This was my only film on Saturday - at 11 am. I've never read any of his stuff, but I might have to check out Post Office.

Sunday was a really nice sunny day so we spent the arvo sitting in a theatre watching The Corporation for two and a half hours, followed by a question and answer session with one of the directors. It's a fairly good indication it's a good film if you get into an impassioned debate with people you don't know afterwards. Check out their website.

We were meant to go to Anatomy of Hell on Sunday night, but I'd had six hours to kill and passed out in the lobby instead. Damnit.

Monday was Coffee and Cigarettes, which was all held together by these vertical shots of tabletops with coffee and cigarettes on them. I think my favourite of the 11 vignettes was Bill Murray with GZA and RZA from Wu-Tang Clan, followed closely by Jack White showing Meg his Tesla coil and the one with Iggy Pop and Tom Waits.

Tuesday was Vibrator - about these two fucked up people on the margins of Japanese society. It was all from the woman's perspective, with not only voiceovers but also intertitles giving us her thoughts.

Tonight we went to Cowards Bend the Knee, another Guy Maddin film. It was preceded by The Dead Father. There were certain themes popping up between all three films, besides the outmoded production methods: amputation, love triangles involving fathers and sons, people coming back from the dead...

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