04 August 2004

And more films

Well, it's all over for another year. A quick run down before I forget it all:

Thursday: Tintin and I
Friday: The Stroll and Ramones: End of the Century
Saturday: The Battle of Algiers, Hollywood Respliced, Ong Bak
Sunday: Checkpoint.

Checkpoint was a good one to finish on. Pretty much all the political documentaries (and there were a few of them) were sold out. It was a record year for ticket sales, which is particularly good considering there are fewer seats in the Embassy since the renovations. The only kind of empty ones I went to were A Page of Madness, Cowards Bend the Knee, and Hollywood Respliced. I particularly liked the Kurosawa one of the Hollywood Respliced flicks - Papillon d'amour. It had been filmed off a screen with a mirror down the middle showing a guy sitting with his robes making butterfly/Rorschach-type shapes. As the guy moved and bowed and stuff, his head would appear and disappear. It was groovy. The only one I didn't like was the first one - Cowboys and Indians.

The Ramones one was well worth it, if only to see what an asshole Johnny Ramone is. The onstage fight about which song to play next was pretty good too. Tintin and I was pretty interesting. I went out and bought Tintin in Tibet (which deals with the breakdown he had after divorcing his utra-right-wing-Catholic wife) and The Castiafore Emerald (which features a caricature of said wife). He had this weird boy scout ideal thing going on his entire life. The Battle of Algiers is well worth digging out on DVD or something.

Went to a couple of openings last night and caught up with Mr Couper. He had treats from his overseas exploits.

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