14 March 2005

Here we go

Well, the opening for my first solo show is only hours away. I've no idea what it'll be like, but will find out soon no doubt. All I need to do now is show up with some booze.

I've got some installation photos to put up on the website but haven't done that yet. I'll try to get on to it soon. I also need to update the paintings pages with pics of new stuff. It all just seemed a bit too daunting yesterday.

I was feeling a bit hungover and depressed after Saturday night's efforts. Saturday was my 35th birthday, and a fantastic day all round. In the morning Rose and I went shopping at Moore Wilson's for food for dinner, dropped some stuff off at the gallery, and took some photos there. We then bumped into our friend Stephen and I ended up spending the arvo drinking whiskey and beer with him and another mate of his while sitting in the sun at the Aro Fair.

Dinner was a whole lot of fun. It was meant to be fairly low key, just a small group of friends at Rose's, but I think we ended up getting fairly raucous. We did, after all, get through a whole 'nother bottle of whiskey.

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