12 June 2006

Pipe Liberation Front


Lilly said...


paintergirl said...

Excellent photos! I'm really digging the skeleton David.

Lilly said...

Yes, it's cool the way it sticks out so it's just visible in the background -- and it's like a recurrent theme in your paintings*, I've noticed -- so it's brilliant that it's also in your photo too!

* I am curious about your skeleton 'obsession' -- where does it stem from, if you do not mind me asking?

P.O.G Blog said...

Nice Collection. I might have to dig out my old pipe and join you some time.

David said...

Lilly: I've been using skulls and skeletons as a symbol of self since I was a kid. Comes from being such a skinny bastard I suppose. As for the antics of the skeleton guy, my friend Aaron put it well in one of our catalogues.

Funnily enough, the skeleton in the above photo is McF's and its presence there is just a fluke. Nice eh?

Lilly said...

Now that was interesting reading, David :-D -- thanks for the link and for shedding some light on the skeleton's origins and significance!

Being a skinny bastard myself, I can relate to your use of the skeleton symbol ;-)

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