11 June 2006

Strange weekend

The glorious weather has broken, and the wind and rain have returned like old friends. After a full on week, it's been a fairly strange weekend made up more of nights than days - odd snatches of sleep in between World Cup games (though I gave up in disgust after the England vs Paraguay debacle).

Last night we had an excellent PLF meeting. A bottle of port and three distinct but all excellent tobaccos to sample - pictures to come (that means you McFadgen).

I have done no work whatsoever. Have to make up for it next week.


Vicus Scurra said...

You have a branch of the Palestine Liberation Front in Wellington?
In North East Hampshire we have a ladies knitting circle and a morris dancing group, and that is as radical as it gets.
No wonder your rugby team are so good.

David said...

No, no, sir. It is a society dedicated to the liberation of pipes from associations with grandfathers, cardigans, and conservative political opinions. In the words of Mr McFadgen, pipe smoking 'encourages contemplation, imagination, and creativity - it
allows one to sit back and observe the world for a bit instead of being
immersed to the point of sensory overload in the furore of modern life'.

Lilly said...

[I was in fact about to ask what PLF stands for when I Vicus Scurra bet me to it]

Whahey -- that's an absolutely cracking idea, David! I so love your society and what it encourages!

Wish I could join you lot -- do send me some smoke signals!! :-D

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