29 July 2006

And again

I've been a bit slack about updating my blog (not mention such other things as checking my email etc - but then that's just an exercise in deleting spam). Just got back from The new world, which though it looked really good was strangely unengaging.

I finally managed to redo the picture I'd stuffed up. I haven't been doing so well on the painting front. Partly it's cos I've been constantly ill for weeks now (due to my shall we say unsatisfactory living arrangements). Not good at all. Only got myself to blame though - what you get for not being right in the head and making stupid decisions. Also at the moment I'm trying to put the hours in at my job, cos being ill has meant I've not been earning much at all of late and it'd be nice to get on top of things. Didn't do too badly last week, especially at the start of it, though I pegged out at the end. Slept for about 18 hours last night.

Oh yeah, I managed to get told off at work last week - apparently some of the authors are scared of me. It's a dreadful state of affairs all round.

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