24 July 2006

Film Fest

I emerged from hiding away from the world just in time. The annual film fest madness has begun again - though we're not going to as much as usual this year. I'm only going to 18.

The Gala Opening on Thursday was Tristram Shandy: A cock and bull story, which was actually Steve Coogan taking the piss of himself as a big star - very much like his turn in Coffee and cigarettes. Opening night proper was The wind that shakes the barley, which was a cheery Ken Loach film about the Irish civil war of the 20s. Yesterday we went to Sketches of Frank Gehry, which had far too many extreme close-ups and some funny exchanges where the film-maker and Gehry (who are old mates) compare notes on the creative process ("So do you ever accept jobs and then have no idea what you're going to do?" etc). This morning was Al Gore's An inconvenient truth, which was a cheery tale about global warming, and Shortbus, which was a comedy porn flick and very enjoyable.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night. First up is the excellently named From the outskirts of nothing to the suburbs of the void, followed by A scanner darkly. Rock and roll.

I even managed to do a couple of pictures yesterday. It would've been three if I hadn't rushed the last one and stuffed it. That'll learn me.


paintergirl said...

Hey David-these sound great! tell us how Scanner Darkly is. I'm curious about the film treatment.

Ya know I don't mind Sidney Pollack's films, but whenever he is in a film, he puts me off a bit.

And Coogan, I really liked him till I heard of the whole Courtney Love matter. Why would anyone waste their time? Now whenever I see him I think of her.

stephen said...

Well, apparently she is the "fuck of the century" (a description attributed to Kurt Cobain).

Though that was last century, of course.

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