20 March 2007

Mixing oil and water

I am very pleased with how these have turned out. The top one's from last weekend, and the other two from the previous weekend. My day job's a bit flat out at the moment (and looks like it will remain so for the next three months), so I've only been doing some preparatory drawings and mucking round in the evenings during the week.

They could do with a bit more work, but I don't really want to fiddle around. I'd much rather get stuck into the next thing. The photos are not exactly great, but they give the general idea.

This is And then my magic art powers failed me:

This is We can all be free:

This is the one I've abandoned (for the meanwhile at least). It could easily be rectified. If I do so, it will be Humanity won't be happy:

In other news, I've been finding my mood a bit funny. I had a pleasant evening last night, but by the time I went to bed I was in a foul mood. I'm not sure why. I'm extremely easily offended at the moment, resenting snubs (whether real or imagined). It's not very good. I think I may have to lay in some supplies and retreat to my cave for a while.

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