02 April 2007

Dada-soiree and more

On Friday, I held a one night only private exhibition of works from my collection (as well as some done for the occasion by a colleague's son):

On Saturday, I went along to see the Dead C at the City Gallery. It was pretty good, and an excellent thing for the gallery to put on. More please.

I did a bit of painting on Sunday arvo finally, ripping off an Egon Schiele self-portrait. I'll try and post an image tomorrow. Tonight is Truffaut's final film at the film society. Tomorrow's there's an opening at Hamish's, and on Wednesday a film up at Vic that's part of the show on at the Adam at the moment. I've also arranged to have a friend come round to check out what I've been up to, and to go round to another friend's place to check out what he's been up to. Phew!

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