30 April 2007

This and that

I went up to Palmy on Saturday night for the opening of Jo's show. My favourites were a group of photos on one wall (some of which can be seen behind Simon and me in the photo on her blog), closely followed by the installation in the boardroom gallery. It had to be the photos though. They were very evocative.

I got a bit liquored on Friday night and tripped over. I'm off to the doctor in about an hour or so to find out what I did to my arm. It's been very sore ever since, which is starting to make me quite irritable. I'm going to go on the wagon for a while. I can do without this sort of thing.


Jo Russ said...

Thanx for the mention! Was good to see you and look after that arm matey potatey!

paintergirl said...

how is the arm?

David said...

Yep, not too bad. Luckily it was only a deep bruise and not a fracture. It's not quite as intensely painful as it was last week, but will apparently take another five weeks to heal properly.

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