21 June 2007

What is common-sense nihilism and what does it want in New Zealand?

Ladies and gentlemen: Those parts of humanity not too busy trying to survive every day breathed a collective sigh of relief that the 20th century – which brought us such delights as industrialised warfare and genocide, the atom bomb, and the triumph of global consumer capitalism – was finally over. Maybe we could just kick back and enjoy life for a while. The 90s were kind of fun, eh? Unfortunately it wasn’t to be. A group of religious fundamentalist psychopaths seized control of the world’s foremost military power and rapidly began trying to reshape the world according to their mad schemes. They knew we’re screwed.

According to report published by the British government that is being used as a basis for long-term planning, the next 30 years will see:
- the development of neutron weapons that destroy living organs but not buildings and ‘make a weapon of choice for extreme ethnic cleansing in an increasingly populated world’. Such weapons would be dispersed by means of unmanned vehicles, leading to ‘application of lethal force without human intervention, raising consequential legal and ethical issues’;
- implanted brain chips standard for all citizens in developed nations;
- a mass revolt on behalf of the middle classes of the developed world in opposition to rampant immigration, an urban under-class, and the deterioration of social order;
- the revival of Marxism as a replacement for religion in an increasingly morally relativist age;
- unchecked globalisation that effectively ends the nation state and leads to wars based on territorial belief systems rather than country against country;
- endemic unemployment, instability, and threat to the social order as a result of population increase; and
- the emergence of a ‘terrorist coalition,’ an alliance of belief systems that oppose the state, from environmentalists to ‘ultra-nationalists’ and remnants of religious groups.

And this doesn't even mention the global environmental collapse that's already under way.

But, being religious fundamentalist psychopaths, none of this worries the madmen in charge one bit. They just wanted to make sure they’d stay on top, calling the shots for their own short-term benefit – at the expense of the rest of us (and any future generations, in the unlikely event that there are any).

What are we going to do about this? Well, the obvious first thing is to stop buying what they’re selling. You might think your interests coincide with theirs, but they don’t. You don’t need lots of money. You don’t need to accumulate lots of shoddily made consumer crap (built-in obsolescence indeed!). You don’t need to believe in fairy tales to give your life meaning. Only you can do that, through what you make of yourself in the circumstances you’re in.

You don’t need to kill other living beings for food. There’s more than enough suffering in the world as it is without us spending so much time and effort at increasing it. You don’t need nations, governments, or laws. These are just fictions made up to keep us all in line. You don’t need armies or police. Seek out like-minded people and make alliances. Be careful who you work for and what you have to do.

We don’t have to put up with this situation. Everyone can do something about it. The world is insane. It has always been insane, at least since civilisation started 6000 years ago. But it doesn’t always need to be insane. Tell the nutters firmly: ‘You are dangerous and insane, and you need to stop.’

Common-sense nihilism demands:
1 the international revolutionary union of all creative and intellectual men and women in the name of common-sense nihilism;
2 the introduction of progressive unemployment through the comprehensive mechanisation of every field of activity;
3 the immediate expropriation of all property, the communal feeding of all, and the conversion of all prisons and police stations into community art centres;
4 the introduction of pipe and pipe tobacco depots in convenient locations to issue citizens with the pipes and pipe tobaccos of their choice;
5 the introduction of pipe smoking rooms in every dwelling and workplace;
6 that every Wednesday be declared Pipe Smoking and Black Magic Day, with only pipe smoking and black magic allowed on that day;
7 that numbers be banned;
8 the immediate organisation of a large-scale common-sense nihilist propaganda campaign; and
9 the immediate regulation of all sexual relations through the establishment of a common-sense nihilist sexual centre.

David Cauchi
Common-Sense Nihilist Revolutionary Central Council

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Mr Stephen Rowe said...

I'm not sure about point two. De-mechanisation surely would be better. Who will build all the machines? Sounds like hard work to me. What if the machines get ideas of their own? Besides, some work is quite enjoyable, like growing vegetables or washing dishes when the weather is cold (warm hands). It's just these things become a pain when all our time is taken up doing work for someone elses benefit. I agree there is too much pointless work whether it's done by machines or animals or humans.

You need to elaborate on point nine.

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