01 August 2007


You, the living was fantastic. There were a couple of bright colours (the gold of the tuba and the pink of a woman's boots)! There was some camera movement (once forwards, once backwards)! There were songs! I wish I could remember some of the lyrics. Here's a good summary.

That winner was followed by another on Saturday night: Control. The actors made a pretty good Joy Division covers band. It was all in black and white, but with subtle tones. The two bits I remember in particular are the warm reddish tone introduced when things started coming together and the cold blue after Curtis'd topped himself. The best line was, after he'd had a fit on stage and things were looking bleak, his manager saying 'It could be worse ... you could be the lead singer of The Fall.' For a classic example of a review that tells you more about the reviewer than the film, see here. Plonker.

I didn't make it to the Swiss crazies at Happy. I'd forgotten I'd arranged to go sailing early the next morning. However, the weather gods were against us: too much wind on Saturday morning and not enough on Sunday.

On Sunday arvo, there was A walk into the sea, which was an extremely nice counterpoint to the Warhol doco and an investigation into the vagaries of memory (especially when you're as self-serving as Paul Morrissey).

That evening was Destricted. I had low expectations, but even they were disappointed. I was really surprised by how literal and cliched they all were. No-one came out of it well, except perhaps Marina Abramovic and Larry Clark. Clark's film was a good social history of pornography, showing how much the ubiquity of porn in our society affects young men's behaviour.

Tonight is David Lynch's latest, which I'm looking forward to (despite having heard some bad things from a couple of people).

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