09 May 2008

Drunk and abusive

I've just been ranting in my comments to the last post, and then went out to smoke a cigarette, but it hasn't calmed me down.

We are a disgusting species. I mean, honestly, what are you here for? I have not yet seen any human being satisfactorily justify their existence (and of course that includes me).

What are you doing with your life? What possible justification do you have for the shit you produce? Do you produce anything? What the fuck point are you? Don't tell me you've produced kids. That just defers it. What the fuck point are they?

How dare you think your life has intrinsic value!?! You bunch of idiots, tell me why you matter any more than an insect.

What the fuck is the point in painting? To make something that, at best, gives some arsehole an hour's entertainment!?! Fuck that.

The world is built on suffering. Nature red in tooth and claw. And what do we do about it? Replicate it in our society, everyone out for themself, making money anyway they can. Lazy, self-satisfied, complacent cunts. You are all really horrible.

(Oh man, Rose is going to really hate this when she reads it, and, yes, Steve, you can be offended by this.)

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