22 June 2008


Here are the projects I've got on:
  1. painting – I've gessoed a panel we took off a door (to put a cat flap into), which will be my first painting in my new studio, and I've got several other things I want to do, including a couple of portraits and some collaborative abstract work
  2. finishing my comic – this is a lot of work
  3. a catalogue essay for a friend – this has quite a tight deadline, and I haven't even started thinking about it yet
  4. an essay on my own account – this will be a conversation between Piero, Picabia, and me called 'The immortality machine'
  5. the band – we're working towards a five-track cd-ep.
I haven't really had much time or inclination to get on the Internet recently, which is why I've been a bit slack on the blogging front. We'll see how that continues.


posie said...

OMG that's almost a TO DO list!

David Cauchi said...

Ye gods, so it is. I'm thinking I might have to prune number 4 though.

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