29 April 2009

It's all happening now

I was feeling okay about my studio project yesterday, but then I had a chat about it with a couple of tutors today that messed with my head slightly. As one of them put it, it's typical mid-project for everything to go foggy, and I certainly did feel as if I was stumbling about lost in the murk. Where am I going? Why?

The other tutor pointed out that the problem is mainly that I'm trying to conflate too many things at once, which I am wont to do, and suggested that I should pick one aspect and concentrate on that. When I mentioned what that aspect would probably be, the response was 'The most difficult one!'

Another problem is that I haven't really been thinking of it as an art school project. Rather, I've been thinking in terms of what I'd normally do if I were having a show at a gallery. It's taking some getting used to, this art school bizzo.

I just got stuck into some painting this arvo and let these problems knock around in the back of my head. I think I'm getting it sorted. I've got a fearsome amount of painting to do in the next couple of weeks, and maybe even some construction. No distractions for me!

We have an NSRU1 practice tomorrow morning, which requires some preparation tonight. This involves recording some more vocals and trying to work out how a piece of equipment I've borrowed works. Being stupid doesn't help the latter. I've also got a presentation to prepare, and I want to knock it into a rough shape tonight as well.

I should get my critical studies essay back tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see what the marker made of it. (Cue chorus of 'rubbish!')

I might also take some more studio photos to post.

Update: Oh yeah, when I was chatting with my assessor today, it was mentioned that I'm doing what I know (i.e. painting). I answered that that was deliberate at this stage as part of the reason for going was to see what kind of reaction I'd get from an academic institution that is not exactly sympathetic to painters. My assessor grinned and said, 'Oh yes, we hate painters!'


dyanna said...

I like your blog. I'm waiting for your new posts.

David Cauchi said...

Be warned. Posting can be intermittent.

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