11 June 2009

This and that

It's the mid-semester break, and I've now got five or six weeks of holiday work, reading, and plotting. I should get marks back for my first semester papers sometime soon. I wonder how I've done. I was set to do okay in the (badly misnamed) critical studies paper, but the final test was so stupid I couldn't take it seriously.

I've only made it to work for one day so far. The same thing happened in Easter: I show up, get a niggling sore throat, and then suffer a full-blown head cold. I blame the building's air conditioning.

Oh yeah, on Friday last week I got a call from Rose. A friend of ours in Copenhagen had alerted her that the evil Barrs had written about me. They said some nice things, which was very gracious of them considering the rude things I've said about them. Arseholes.

I'd dispute the 'extensive exhibition history'. And as for the 'signature style well in place', we'll see about that.

This morning a friend of mine forwarded an email he'd sent to them:

Hi, great post. Absolute scream. However if you want to properly colonise this guy you're going to need a David Cauchi in your collection. I have several and would be willing to sell one of them to you. Let me know if you're interested.

The offer was politely declined.

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