25 June 2009


I've just joined Twitter. You can find me here.

I was prompted by a friend who suggested I follow Mark E Smith. 'Well fuck,' thought I, 'that could be a laugh.' He said it was just like reading Fall lyrics, and it is! Complete with '-uh's! Brilliant!


rothkowitz said...

After listening to "The More You Look The Less You Find" last night I think I have to stretch back the last interesting Fall material to "Bend Sinister"

I like the video footage of "Blindness" where a poor Robert Plant is pushed off-stage-too easy a target really- but the music turned to poo and I can make out less and less of the ideas-uh.Unless being a dull,embittered northern monkey sans tracksuit is it. I'm unconvinced the crap keyboarding is a joke.


Brix made The Fall coherent.I am the first person in the world to say this. Jesus fuck-singing the praises of a hat seller.

They could happily dispose of Marc Riley in a Kiwi discotech, retain some coherence with Craig Scanlon who fucking underpinned them, but The Fall have been largely crap for 2o years.

We are The Fall!!



Anonymous said...

Garrh, meant Steve Hanley, not Scanlon. The bassist at any rate.

David Cauchi said...

The Fall are the best band in the world.

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

bet mark e smith's twitter is written by someone else. surely he wouldn't be so pretentious to add the "-uh" in there.

not saying it's not worth subscribing to on twitter though. the sentiment and style still good to have feeding into your influences.

however. best band in the world? i think rothkowitz has some valid points... if you could mix iggy, mark e smith, pixies, velvets, lydon into a new formula you might have the best band in the world. hey... isn't someone doing that?

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