19 November 2009


I have just returned from the opening of the Evil Barrs' (alleged) Gallery. I was amazed at what an amateurish effort it was. I mean, come on, I thought they'd've at least the money (if not the sense) to do better to do that, ie, clean up the floor and install proper lighting.

I won't mention the work, cos they took the cop-out option of getting Michael Lett to curate it rather than do it themselves, but they are responsible for the environment.

Piss poor, I reckon. The goddamn Massey students did better than that. That's the comparison. Worse than students.

What were they thinking?


Rose said...

And I hear they had no food. That's not responsible host behaviour.

David Cauchi said...

On the positive side, the beer might have been cheap and nasty, but there was plenty of it.

Oh, and easily the funniest line of the night came when I went for my first one. I was shown the bottle opener, which was attached to something by string and told that this 'is what White Cube do'!

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

i've been to a few white cube openings, and actually they serve beer outside on the street from big ten-gallon drums, filled with ice. They open the beers for you. the street is usually unable to be used by cars at this time due to the hundreds of people standing on it and struggling to get to the beer.

so you tell me said...


stephen said...

hundreds of people standing on it and struggling to get to the beer

Sounds like a game you'd play with a couple of dozen stockbrokers and a small pool of pig excrement.

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