04 November 2009


I haven't been sleeping very well recently, so last night I took one of Rose's sleeping pills. After an hour and a half, I took another. I then spent the rest of the night in a strange state in between asleep and awake, sometimes more asleep than awake and other times the opposite, but never fully one or t'other.

And today is quite strange.



Martin said...

Perhaps M. Gombrowicz is not a good cure for insomnia, despite his finer points. M

David Cauchi said...

Gombrowicz has many fine points – what he has to say about form numbering high among them – but a cure for insomnia he is not.

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

did i ever get around to suggesting warm milk? sounds simplistic but it's the only thing that i have tried that worked. need to make sure it warms only, does not boil. and i add TINY bit of nutmeg, cinnamon and honey.

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