12 December 2009

How very interesting

So, it's 3-odd in the morning, and you're quite pissed (again), but you've run out of cigarette papers, so what do you do? Your partner, roused from sleep, suggests you go to bed and get some more in the morning, but is that the proper spirit? Is that the right cigarette smoker attitude? No! You say. No, it is not.

So, you take a piece of drawing paper, which could've been a self-portrait or something, and rip off a cigarette sized paper bit, and roll your cigarette with that. Sure, the taste may be a little sullied, your lungs may burn afterwards, but even without adhesive it still smokes like a cigarette. It's not too bad at all.

I might go to bed now. I might get some cigarette papers in the morning.

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