01 December 2009

Some results

I have finally got some results from school. There is one missing, but I think I can predict it with a reasonably high level of confidence.

Without further ado, here they are:

Critical Studies IIIB – A-
Critical Studies IIIA – A-
Fine Arts Elective E – A
Contemporary Art Studio III – A

The mark for the one paper that's missing, Introduction to Fine Arts Research Methods and Practices, is made up of three components, two of which are each worth 25% of the final mark and one of which is worth 50%. For the 25%-ers I got an A- for each, and for the 50%-er an A+. Therefore, I predict an A as a final result.

I have yet to get my clammy hands on the written feedback for the studio paper, which seems to have strangely gone missing in action. By themselves, marks tell you very little.

Even without that though, I am going to proclaim this year's experiment a success.

Tomorrow I have an interview for next year's post-graduate diploma course.


artandmylife said...

Teachers' pet ;-) [well done]

David Cauchi said...

I reckon!

so you tell me said...

Wait I missd the original hypothesis, in what earth is this qualified as success? At least i gave them some run for the money grinding them down to a b-, but you are actually contemplating celebrating achieving what, a noble nothing, a stepping off our high castle to a high castle!! Avant-garde, HA! congratulations. I don't know on furthr thought maybe great.. I really don't know.. just a guess.. hmmm

stephen said...

Well done. We knew you would make us proud.

-- x Mum and Dad.

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