03 January 2010

Camping pics

Rose and I have just spent a few days camping at Kiriwhakapapa, a bit north of Masterton.

I was talking with my dad before we left, and mentioned that the decadent modern society we live in can be easily summed up by the fact that our camping lantern has a remote control. Ah, he said, but does our decadent modern society have anything to prevent you from sleeping on the hard ground?

Yes, yes it does. Check out our decadent modern tent (tall enough for me to stand up in) and decadent modern inflatable mattress:

Naturally, we took along lots of decadent food and drink:

Kiriwhakapapa is a very pleasant spot. There is a handy stream for keeping your beers cool in:

In the late afternoon, kereru roost in the kowhai trees next to our tent, and pay us no mind at all:

There are pleasant bush walks to be had:

But most of the time we were pretty indolent:

And then it was time to wing our way home:

Bloody good. We hope to go a couple more times this summer.


Jeremiah Boniface said...

such a lovely photo essay! Give up painting and just take pretty pics of nature!!! HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHEVIL! lots of love to ya!

David Cauchi said...

Maybe I should change my art school proposal.

Steve said...

All the best for the new decade - nothing wrong with a bit of decadent living, a remote control camp light sounds eminently sensible - when you start gold-plating your long-drop then perhaps it has gone too far.

Is that a new pup you have there?

See you after the 20th - will be back in Wellington then.


David Cauchi said...

Same old pup. She's been clipped to help her cope with the hot weather.

Robert said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun. Right now I could use a cold VB from your stream chiller. My wife and I are in such envy now. We love camping, but it's winter here in the northern hemisphere. Temperatures this week are expected to hover around 3 or 4 degrees during the day and dip below zero at night. How we would love to enjoy some days in the 30's right now! In a couple of months we will be back on the road with our caravan and cooking with our dutch ovens. Until then we'll live vicariously through your adventures.

nzConrad said...


Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

great spot! how did rose find it? (serious question!)

stephen said...

Turned left at Greenland
(silly answer)

David Cauchi said...

We've been there before, many years ago. I think Rose found it originally because it fit our criteria: 1 within easy striking distance, 2 can take the dog, 3 only basic amenities so will not have too many people.

Rose said...

Sheri - check out the DOC website. They have a list of their sites and how to get to them. It lists what amenities each one has. They are cheap too - $6 a night per adult. That is, if a ranger bothers to turn up and get the money.

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