23 July 2010

Generic and specific art

We were 'close reading' a couple of texts in our theory class yesterday. One of them proposed using the term 'generic art' to refer to installation – generic as opposed to specific art, such as painting. I think it's a great term. You can imagine it in actual use:

A: 'So, do you want to go see some generic art?'
B: 'Nah, not really.'
A: 'No, me neither.'

Speaking of specific art, I've started a couple of paintings. It's a nice change from drawing. Not so sure about either of them yet, but we'll see how we go.


Anonymous said...

when is the exhibitioneones of your workings? I may come out from the country fors it. Levin has cheap parking - I will give it that.

David Cauchi said...

Very soon!

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