16 August 2010

And another

Paris, 4 December 1922

My dear Breton,

While you were away I sent you a registered letter addressed to the Gallimard Bookshop. Did you receive it? What are these stories people are telling and that you're telling? I've never told anyone you make money by selling my manuscripts to Doucet, because it is not what I think and because I know it was very kind of you and Aragon to have arranged this sale. If I've said anything on this subject it was only in that sense.

Apart from that, you know how I think of you: very badly. It's not a secret. I moreover wrote as much in my last letter to you. You also know that it has only to do with the encouragement you're giving certain people and an attitude I find unacceptable towards your old friends. – I decided to tell you all that so you know I'm not completely indifferent to the ambiguous interpretations you've given to my ideas about you.

If you were still capable of remembering me as you had once known me, you would know that I've been expecting with great curiosity (and for a very long time) that act of honesty from you, which will now be for me a confirmation or the opposite, depending on the use you'll make of my previous letter.

I hope to be able to conclude my letters in a less chilly manner in the future.


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