16 August 2010

But wait, there's more!

Paris, 5 May 1924

My dear friend [Picabia],

I am leaving Paris for a few days, but could not help but tell you right here and now what a surprise it was for me to hear of 391's reappearance and how I perceive the terms of your communication to the papers.

I have no idea whatsoever of distracting you, or advising you; you know what reservations I have on your recent activities, on the very meaning of this activity (Montparnasse, the Ballets Suedois, a rather boring novel, Paris-Journal, etc). I would abstain from expressing myself so clearly on this subject, in view of the profound respect and affection that I shall hold for you despite everything, if this morning's Journal du Peuple had not inflicted your latest little ranking on me. I see no point in telling you that I decline your cordial invitation with all my heart, as I shall urge all my friends to do. May the old posturings of Satie, you have thus found Huelsenbeck, bravo Rigaut, etc, compensate you for our refusal.

Your friend:


Picabia published this letter in the next issue of 391, and included his reply directly underneath it:
When I smoke cigarettes, I'm not in the habit of keeping the butts.


stephen said...

This is brilliant; I wish I understood more of the context around these recent posts of yours.

David Cauchi said...

Yeah, so do I.

Anonymous said...

sounds like an asshole

David Cauchi said...

Far better to be an arsehole than the kind of lame cunt that leaves anonymous comments on blogs.

That's pretty sordid.

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