27 October 2010

Another year

The only proper subject for art is the utter ridiculousness of it all.

I don't mean just the ridiculousness of the art game, though that is pretty ridiculous. Art is an integral part of human society, and human society is an integral part of the world. Therefore, the ridiculousness of art leads inexorably to the ridiculousness of the world.

And how ridiculous the world is! This spinning ball of mud with these ridiculous creatures crawling across its surface, deluded by pretensions of grandeur.

You have to laugh.

It's final hand-in for the studio paper today. Said hand-in will form part of the end-of-year exhibition, which opens on 5 November.

It's been an up and down kind of year, but I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out. What made all the difference was our class. I'm not much of one for groups, but this one is all right. We've had a good time.

The last thing I've got to do, before I can put academia behind me for the year and get stuck into some painting, is come up with a proposal for Masters next year.

I was derailed from doing a book this year. Maybe I should do one next year?

Then again, there's a general election next year, and it'll probably be quite funny. Maybe I should stand as the common-sense nihilist candidate for Wellington Central?

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, and I'm bitterly disappointed with the lack of response to the caption competition, you useless cunts. This is an interactive, multidisciplinary art work, don't you know, and so as such it needs some fucking interaction! If I fail, it's all your fucking fault.



Shaun Waugh said...

What's your prizes for the caption comp?

The Barr's do prizes...

David Cauchi said...

The warm glow from having come up with the wittiest caption?

Or a text drawing perhaps: 'A stupid prize like the evil Barrses'.

Steve said...

Looks like I am a shoo in for the text work.

David Cauchi said...

Yes, it does.

stephen said...

Do you realise you've started thinking/writing/talking like CĂ©line?

Just add some ellipses into the mix and the transformation will be complete.

Sheridan Fairfield-Wills Dickson said...

what do you think of what tao's been doing? i think his premise is an interesting start point for people (gen pop), in preparation for a radical change in thinking about what is society, community and reason/s for participating in this construct. And that kind of thinking could be incorporated into an alternative political party...

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