20 October 2010


I hate South Africans. The sound of their accent makes my skin crawl.

Nazi cunts.

I can't stand the English either. Imperialist motherfuckers, starting off with the locals, then exporting the concept.

And don't get me started on the Americans.

Me, I'm Maltese. Fuck the Maori and their being colonised 150 years ago. We were colonised 2000 years ago. From the fucking Phoenicians to the fucking English, who gave it up in the late 60s.

There were all sorts in between – the Arabs who cut down in all the trees and turned it into an arid wasteland, the Knights of St John and their crazy siege.

Fuck me, I am a racist. I hate the human race.

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Anonymous said...

Got a Maltese passport? If not, shut your piehole.

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