09 April 2011

Quotes of the day

The appropriate way to determine whether a painting is melodious is to look at it from a distance so as to be unable to comprehend its subject or its lines. If it is melodious, it already has a meaning and has taken its place in the repertory of memories.

- Charles Baudelaire

There is an emotion peculiar to painting, of which nothing in [literature] can give an idea. There is an impression that results from a certain arrangement of colours, lights, shadows, and so forth. It is what one might call the music of the painting. Before you even know what the painting represents, ... when you are too far away from it, ... you are conquered by this magical accord.

- Eugene Delacroix

Music is like painting.

- Francis Picabia

1 comment:

stephen said...

I often paint like I make music, and vice versa, so I can see where Picabia is coming from.

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