15 May 2011


I have a couple of friends who are complete audiophile obsessives. Oh, the hours I've spent trying to discern the difference between speaker cables! Nope, not sure. Swap them back and listen to the track again. And the same for each separate component.

One of these guys, Paul, builds his own valve amps and turntables. The other, Steve, with another friend of ours, built his own Altec speakers.

Here are Paul's Altec speakers in his listening room (yes, listening room):

This, apparently, is a 6SN7 driving 300b SE, whatever the fuck that means:

This is a home-built Garrard 301:

This is a home-built Lenco L75 (I think):

As Paul puts it, 'Extreme terror using Altec speaker systems!'

Here's Steve's listening room, with the homemade Altecs:

Crazy motherfuckers.

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