18 May 2011


This! is what Massey is good for. I ask for this (a classic text on Picabia that I've waited quite a few years to read), and the University of Newcastle in New South Wales sends it to me. Ha ha ha ha!

This is why I call Masters a really expensive library card. It's not as if Massey is good for anything else. They've got far too narrow a conception of what art can be to be a proper art school. They're actively hostile to any other conception. For example, I have been quite clear throughout my time there that I'm interested in using pictorial means to construct and convey meaning. And yet, at my second supervisors' meeting, when they actually looked at what I was doing for once and I was talking about what was going on in a particular Goya picture, one of them suggested that my final work could be a spoken performance or written description of the Goya pictures!

Yes, as a cunt out, it was quite funny, and there's a good classical precedent (ekphrasis), but still.

But I digress.

I've only got this Picabia book for a few weeks (during which time I've got a conflicting priority), so I'll have to drop the Piero for the meantime, even though I'm right in the middle of something.

But David, you may ask, you're copying Goya for your Masters, shouldn't you be reading about him, rather than Piero and Picabia? And isn't Piero and Picabia a rather odd combination anyway?

Well might you ask!

(PS Do you like my innovative punctuation in the first word there? It's meant to indicate a vocal emphasis, upraised finger, and slight widening of the eyes.)

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