02 April 2012

Albert Gleizes did not like dada

The impossibility of constructing, of organising anything whatsoever, not even having the foggiest notion of it, led [the dada] to decree that nothing existed and that he could do anything under the guise of instinct...

What they call instinct is anything which passes through their heads [and] from time to time something very good passes through them...

But very soon we become aware of ... the 'leitmotives' which recur in their paintings and literary work. And the pathological case becomes brutally evident. Their minds are forever haunted by a sexual delirium and a scatalogical frenzy ... Their frolics abandon themselves freely around the genital apparatuses of either sex ... Moreover, by lingering in these realms, they have found ... another source of instinctive inspiration. They have discovered the anus and the intestinal by-products ... They confuse excrement with products of the mind. They use the same word to designate two different things.
Well, there's my next artist statement, should I need one. I might have to apply for something just so I can use it.

'Intestinal by-products'! 'Genital apparatuses'!

I think the former'd make the better title.

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